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RONHARTMAN(7)                           Linux User's Manual                            RONHARTMAN(7)


Ron Hartman - a social nerd


ronhartman [--admin systems|database] [--developer] [--other] [--personal]


I’m a systems administrator with skills in database administration and a little application development. A wide spectrum of Linux and Open Source topics, ranging from hosting services ( mail, web, ... ) to storage. I'm also father of 2 kids, and a Feyenoord Fanatic.


--admin systems

Extensive experience with the configuration, hardening, and maintenance of various Linux distributions, including:

* Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Fedora, CentOS
* Debian, Ubuntu
* Gentoo

Comfortable working with open source Xen and Xen Server installations in large-scale environments. Able to customize and patch upstream pv-ops kernels for use with Xen and also familiar with the preparation and maintenance of base images for Xen guests.

Responsible for providing direct customer support for shared and dedicated hosting environments via telephone, tickets, and online chat. Familiar with configuration file management via puppet. Experienced with Ansible. Experience with Red Hat Satellite(5/6).

Currently a Red Hat Certified Engineer in RHEL 6. (RHCE & RHCSA)

--admin database

Skilled in MySQL database administration for standalone servers as well as replicated and clustered environments. Also knowledge of Oracle (OCP), PostgreSQL and Progress databases.


Familiar with PHP, Perl, Python and shell scripting.


Lots of experience with monitoring tools. Nagios, Check_MK, OMD, Zabbix, HP OpenView, Monit, Munin, Cacti.


Married, and father of 2 children, and 2 bonus children. Also sort of a father for Jax (our American Bulldog). I am a Feyenoord Fanatic - see FR-Fanatic.nl


* Sentia * current

- Senior Linux Engineer

* Amsio

- Senior Linux Engineer

* Xantara-it

- Consultant (DHL Parcel, Nationale Postcodeloterij)

* Trivento

- Linux Engineer

* Secondment (vtsPN, Nuon, KPN, Tennet, SPS, Netsourcing)

- Linux Systems Administrator
- Senior Systems Engineer

* Erasmus University Rotterdam

- Infrastructure Engineer
- Linux Engineer

* Feyenoord Supporters Vereniging

- Infrastructure/Linux Engineer

* RNLAF (Royal Netherlands Airforce)

- Security


* E-mail: rononline at gmail dot com
* Phone: +31 6 48489656
* Twitter: rononline
* Facebook: RonHartman1974
* LinkedIN: rononline
* IRC: rononline on irc.freenode.net

Ron Hartman                          2022-04-14                                  RONHARTMAN(7)